Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dumb and Dumber

Wow – a dumber bunch I could not imagine. But they were able to cram in 70,000 morons into Invesco Field in Denver and listen and applaud and feint over a man who had done nothing, virtually nothing in his life, but graduate from an Ivy League school and get a house bought for him by a convicted felon. And then he has the “audacity” to go out and blame others for the ills of the world and then provide an unconscionable list of so-called “solutions” that are not solutions – but flat empty rheotoric.

By the way – is Obama running against Bush? Sure sounds like it. And was McCain President all of this time? Sure sounds like it. (And man, last night Obama was ANGRY at McCain – what did he do to him? He was never ANGRY at Hillary – because he needed Bill that’s why). Fake, fake, fake, fake.

“Stale tactics”? you say. Sounds like your speech Obama. Don’t have a record to run on?” – do you Obama? (None). And wait – a reverse on the old Seinfeld bit? “It’s not me, it’s you?”

Obama is one of the greatest fakes of all time. He seriously does not understand issues of any magnitude at all – in fact all he understands is how to talk louder, longer and in bigger places.

How about the Dead Sea?

Meanwhile at MSNBC, the Barama All the Time channel, complete vitriot Keith Olberman asked/told ex-patriot the Reverand Sharpton if he agreed that Barack actually had substance to his speech. "I have counted at least 29 detailed points of what and how he is going to do things" Obermann asked. Well if that is true Keith you are truly a complete idiot. What slimey lagoon you crawled out of should be immedialty reported to the EPA.
Shame. Keith. Shame.

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