Sunday, July 06, 2008

Flip Flop Flub

Let's just say the race is on. No pun intended. Our man Obama has just backtracked on his most principled stand on the war in Iraq. Now he says he may stay a bit longer - after he blistered Hillary over voting for the war.

The man is a liar. Now he is going over there and "evaluate" his stand. He got the primary because he was "for change". And just watch - he will be so centered by November it will make liberals cringe. Why so many people are falling over such a fake man is besides me. Please look at yourself America.

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apathy lounge said...

C'mon! How disingenous can you get when McCain won't comment about the fact that insurance companies won't cover birth control...while they GLADLY cover shit like Viagra. Here's the thing, Rock. They're ALL liars. Don't fool yourself into believing for one single moment that Bush and Co. corner the market on truth and virtue. If you's because you watch FOX NEWS.

There's nothing wrong in asking (demanding) change. Or saying you plan to bring change. It's the people who deny that we're up to our ears in crap that worry me. America IS looking at itself. If we see something that you refuse to does that make us wrong and you right? Riddle me that, Batman.