Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Night Screw-Up

It would be interesting what you all think about this.

Joe Theisman was replaced on ESPN’s Monday Night Football with Ron Jaworski. I noted the noise on and the vote was fairly split on whether Joe was good or not but almost everybody said get rid of Kornhieser. Which I wholeheartedly agree with.

In fact as I read most of these comments I thought most of these commenters could not be over 30 at all. They act like they didn’t even know Joe T. The almost universal term used was “arrogant”. Well yeah, If I starred at Notre Dame and took the Redskins to the Super Bowl, dated Kathie whoever and got my leg broken on the most televised football injury of all time – and still lived to talk about it – yeah I might be also. They acted like he never announced a game before but if memory serves I think he’s been doing it now for about 15 years.

People also called for Al Michaels and Madden to come back. Better be careful what you wish for. Madden’s shtick has worn thin. He talks for minutes and minutes saying nothing. Michaels has the unfortunate penchant for putting the emphasis on odd words in a sentence. You know what I mean.

I saw a vintage ESPN Classic baseball game with Curt Gowdy and Al Garagiola. I thought it would be great because I have so great memories of Curt Gowdy. But it was horrible – not Curt as much but Joe. It was just a mess.

I have always thought Joe Thiesman was a very good analyst. He had good energy, HE COULD TALK, he could adlb, he could connect with folks, he played the game – he understood what coaches thought. Was he right all the time? Hell no – but its good to have an educated opinion. Tony Kornheiser was dreadful last year – just completely pathetic (and believe me I love PTI). Dennis Miller looked more comfortable in that booth. And Mike Tirico, who I think does a great job in other venues, just tried to fit too much information into the broadcast. While someone was running for an 80 yard touchdown he was talking about his out-of-work dad and cancer stricken mother.

It was obvious from the first broadcast that Joe thought it was unbelievably stupid to have Tony in the booth. Some said they didn’t get along – but Tony didn’t belong there at all to begin with. Everybody is trying to find another Howard Cosell – and there will be none. That worked because no one at that time knew what should work. The idea of football on Monday Night was so foreign they could have had Bozo the Clown on and it would have worked.

I’m sure there are some Joe T. haters our there – and I’m not waving the flag for him – but he was not the on-air problem – it was Tony and Mike. Boo ESPN.


wordgirl said...

I thought Dennis Miller was an odd choice for a commentator when they announced that he'd be doing it and I still think it was a dumb idea. Just because he USED to be a funny guy doesn't mean that an armchair quarterback is the right choice to sit alongside the likes of people who are trained to talk about the game...or those who actually played it. And Madden has just completely lost his mind.

Jay said...

Did I wait long enough to commment on this?

Anyway, I'm not a JT fan. I never liked the way he analyzed the game. I don't think he ever told me anything I didn't already know. Nor did he ever provide me with a new way of looking at the game.

Jaws is a great student of the game and I like him a lot. But, I wonder if he will be too technical?

Everybody loved Jaws and Dick Vereil last year when they did a couple of games. Of course so many were acting like they were incredibly surprised that Vermeil was good at this. They seem to forget that he took over as Keith Jackson's partner on ABC college football when Frank Broyles retired from broadcasting. Maybe I'm just old.

I think most of this is because TK and Jaws are good friends.

As for Terico, he's very good at everything he does. But, he's almost too smooth.

Madden hasn't said anything new or interesting in a decade.

Al Michaels is a total prick.

Dont' you feel better knowing my opinions now?

Brooke said...

Didn't wait as long as I did!

I missed the regular MNF last season and the stupid NBC Sunday night game just wasn't the same.

And even I remember that god-awful leg break and the way it was shown over...and over...and over...

(Hi Rock...long time no see!)