Friday, June 16, 2006

Point - Counter Point: Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks) vs. Ann Coulter

Well these two "broads" have been in the news lately. Let' see how they do mano-y-mano. Bitch.

NM: Well Ann I see you have caused such a stir with your insensitive comments about the four 9/11 widows. How could you? You are part of the callous section of America who just spews hate.

AC: Well Natalie – and you can say that when you and your Dixie Chicks said at the height of our nations entrance into Iraq to defeat a dictator who had consistently threatened the US (after we had allowed him to live after his defeat in the 1991 Gulf War) that you told a London audience that “while we’re from Texas he ain’t our President”? That sounds like hate to me.

NM: Hey, I’m an American – I can say what I want to.

AC: And I’m an American – I can say what I want to.

NM: Yeah – but what you say is so hateful.

AC: And what you say is equally hateful – on a foreign soil, to denigrate your president – when you really don’t know what you’re talking about (and we’re sure you don’t) – is fairly treasonous. And since your fan base is mostly middle America – what were you thinking? You’re just a singing group, a good one I might add – but I mean you’re not the Stones. Hell, Mick could say anything – but he’s just smarter (well he has to be he’s been busted so many times. One learns from this – hopefully you’ll find out).

NM: Hey I have free speech and I can say what I want to anywhere if I want to. My opinion needs to be heard.

AC: Fine. But so you understand that you are an entertainer that needs to appeal to its fans. There is no guarantee in show business. And by shouting your mouth off you all had to go in hibernation for a few years.

NM: Yes but we came back strong and had a song “I’m Not Ready to Back Down” which shows our contempt for the whole administration.

AC: Good for you...

NM: and we were went right to the top of the charts . so there. We were right after all.

AC: Nice to wait 3 years and gloat.

NM: Well it just proves we were right.

AC: Well Oki-dokey, y’all. But before your CD’ s “drop” you said you didn’t “really need the Reba McIntyre fans and the likes” – that they weren’t really what you wanted as fans

NM: That’s right. If they’re hayseeds we don’t need ‘em.

AC: Well they ARE your fans you dumb mutherfucker and you’re so ate up with yourself you don’t even realize it.

NM: No they’re not - we have sophisticated fans who believe in exactly what we think.

AC: Uh, er, -one of your songs was about a guy named “Earl”.

NM: Yea–awwh . One of our favorites.

AC: And that‘s sophisticated? It’s fun, but don’t you think the hinterland related to that is a fairly basic way?

NM: I don’t understand. They love us.

AC: So why are you having to cancel tour dates in Houston, Nashville, Cleveland – I mean Cleveland, it’s not even a hick town?

NM: well there was logistics and all..

AC” No you pissed off your fans and they HATE you! You spouted off and thought you were invulnerable but in the end you have country fans and they don’t agree with a lick of what you say and in the end they have to LOVE you to buy tickets. Did you ever consider the possibility?

NM: Well that shouldn’t be right – if the government wasn’t doing what they are doing.

AC: And what are they doing to you?

NM: Well I’m just saying…

AC: You need to quit “just saying…”

NM: But why can you say the same stuff and still get away with it?

AC: Because I am selling to MY fans – the often ignored conservative right who is never represented in mainstream media until recently – I can say what I want because I will sell books. And beyond that, I’m trying to make a point – not just spout. There’s a big fucking difference. And because the opinions of many are never expressed on mainstream TV. Did you hear Brian Williams (NBC Evening Anchor) lead in on the Monday nightly news this week? – he was indignant that the President didn’t tell HIM that he was going to Iraq? Who the fuck is he? Unfuckingbelieveable! And its also because conservatives, as a whole don’t go around rabble rousing, we are quite as a most part - it’s the liberals though that have to have a bullhorn blaring their passionate, but BS ideas - But you don’t get that do you? (Well no one on this blog does).

And I even went on Jay Leno with George Carlin of all people. And the audience cheered me. Maybe my ideas aren't that radical? Maybe I struck a chord - duh ya think?

NM: Well you're just trying to sell books.

AC: Well you can't even sell concert tickets. Maybe you should write a book?

NM: Well if I could read.

AC: I get it now. Have fun playing to vacant arenas. I’ll sign a book for you.

Editors Note: Again friends - to point out the hypocrisy of the issue - nothing more.

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