Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pet Peeves #1

It was a soggy foggy Monday morning here today in LA. June Gloom is upon us such that fog and hazy days roll into SoCal at a time when you wouldn't think it. LA weather is a conundrum to many people - why is it so cold? I thought it was supposed to be sunny here! It happens all of the time.

But meanwhile during morning drive time I'm asking this question:

"Why don't all of you mutherfuckers have your lights on?!!!"

Yes - Pet Peeve Numero Uno is "Please put your headlights on" when 1) its foggy or rainy outside; 2) it's dusk or early morning or 3) you're in a parking garage.

Headlights on your car are NOT JUST for you to see in front of you - they are for US to SEE YOU!. Why doesn't everybody get this?

I roll off a hill in San Pedro everyday that is usually clouded in the early morning by what is commonally known as the "marine layer" - and meanwhile people are driving around in huge trucks with no lights at all.

I don't get it. A simple flick of a gadget on the dashboard or the steering column will enable you to "drive friendly" as we say in Texas. Why do people not afford themselves this non-evasive affordable low-maintenance safety luxury?

Personally, I am offended to no end about people driving about in the rain, in an early morning fog or at late dusk with no lights on. I'm not going to tell you what I scream at them given the opportunity.

The incongruity hit me many years ago when my father and I went on a quick "bidness " trip to Brenham from H-town. It was raining and we stopped to gas up. He agreed for me to drive his car, which in itself was a monumental event. I turned the lights on (and it was probably noon) - but a perfect drab grey Texas sky with drizzles all around (one of my favorite things).

And Dad says "you have the lights on".

And I go "It's raining Dad".

My Dad is probably one of the most conservative buttoned-up guys you will ever meet. But even he eschewed putting his lights on in the rain. The outrage!

The apple can fall far.


Tink said...

That picture of the fog is crazy looking! My car has automatic lights. They kick on in rain, fog, dusk. It's great because I'm notorious for not turning on my lights. I'm also notorious for not turning them off again when I do.

I'm a lost cause Rock.

Jay said...

Don't you guys have daytime running lights? They do the hard, strenuous work of flipping a switch for you.

wordgirl said...

Yeah...I have running lights, too. I have no choice about whether or not they're on. Probably a good thing.

Rock said...

Yeah I do too - it's a great thing.

But many people do not (and I live in a part of LA that could sub for Seatlle parts of the year) and still people are just cruising around without nary a lamp burning.

And what probably gets me more is no lights in a parking garage - I mean you're playing a game of cat and mouse, tunring blind corners in a confined darkened space - and yet NO LIGHTS ON? I mean why not just cut the brake line...