Thursday, April 20, 2006

My City by the Bay....

Mixing a little business with pleasure this weekend - and since Deoborah's b-day and mine is a week apart (in a week's time) I asked her to come up to San Francisco where I had a meeting to re-meet the City we discovered while working for a major airline some 17 years ago.

In those days while I was in SF "doing deals" she could just come up on stand-by on the airline and meet me whereever. That's when we fell in love with California and spent many days out here in Napa, Monterrey et al. In fact I'll be in Monterrey for acoinvention in two weeks as well

We have an office in the Oakland area but it makes it very easy to blow into SF and up to wherever we want - so we're doing it this time. The typical sutff around town on Friday and Napa on Saturday.

And I just found out its Gay Pride week as well.

Maybe I can go boo Barry while I'm here.


wordgirl said...

Great Chinese in Haight Ashbury. Sailed (in my brother-in-law's boat)around Alcatraz in early December. Gorgeous place. Yay for Gay Pride Week. Boo Bonds for us, too. Tucker HATES Barry Bonds and is reading "Game of Shadows"

Brooke said...

I love SF...hope you're having fun! And enjoy Gay Pride Week!

Dan said...

I liked the SF zoo.