Thursday, March 23, 2006


Duke lost tonight. They have the best college basketball program in the nation. They do it right and Coach K. is the best coach in the land. He's gracious in winning and defeat and he gets guys who will play in his system. J. J. Reddick - the player of the year - had an awful game tonight - LSU got to him big time. Sad. Very sad.

Go Zags.

Okay. They lose too. Up by 17 and lose!? Unbelievable. Tragic. Horror. Unsettling.

I think I'm swearing off sports. I can't handle it anymore.


Brooke said...

Go Zags?

GO ZAGS????!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my make me sad.


wordgirl said...

There no joy in Mudville (Fort Worth) either. Middle son was SO rooting for Duke. Still smarting over last weekend's 1-point loss.

Dan said...

What! No Never! Give up Sports! What else is there for a guy to do!

Rock said...

Oh BrookeDudeChick - I keep forgetting you're a Bruinster. I frankly don't know anyone who went there who eventually didnt also get their Masters or something at USC - so I don't know any tried a true blue types - love the campus though.

I'll try to be more considerate. How your boys won that game however I'll never know.