Saturday, February 04, 2006

Super Bowl Color

Just real quick - there was one decision made this week that should make everyone's viewing of the Super Bowl really super - the Steelers decided to go white.

You see they are the "designated" home team, so usually they would pick their home black jerseys to play in the SB. But since they won all of their playoff games on the road in white and since Detroit is really a "road game" according to their coach they decided to stay with the white. This has angered many Pittsburgh fans who love their team in the gold and black.

Actually going "white" is a very smart move.

1) In winning three intensive playoff games on the road QB Big Ben Roesthlisberger (or whatever his name is) is used to looking for white jerseys down the field. To change for the SB would be entirely stupid since they have been on this good roll. Keep looking for white Ben and you will be okay - I actually wonder how much this has weighed in other games. I mean in the college basketball championship (NCAA - March Madness) game of around 1983 with the game on the line a Georgetown player actually passed the ball to a competing North Carolina player with ten seconds left because their home and road uniforms looked so much alike - and they lost the game.

2) It will make the game visually appealing. Many have made alot over Seattle's all blue uniforms - I actually like them in their home togs. But if they went white and Pittsburgh went with black it would have been one of the most ugly games to watch. With Pittsburgh going white and Seattle blue it will be a fairly colorful contest for TV.

And if you really want to know - I am taking Seattle.


wordgirl said...

I didn't watch, but I rooted for the Steelers. I had to! Seattle hijacked our 12th Man mojo! Haven't you heard?

Rock said...

Yesw, I have heard - and I have told our guys who work in Washington that as well.

But Seattle really got jobbed in that game.

Brooke said...

I was bummed as well. Crap officiating if you ask me.

DebbieDoesLife said...

You still taking those Seahawks??