Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Pair of Queens

Speaking of Brokeback, did you hear the one about the two queens hanging out by the docks. Well we did because it was right down the hill from us at the Port of Los Angeles.

The luxury liner Queen Mary 2 came out to LA to “meet” with its predecessor the original Queen Mary that is now perennially dry-docked at the Long Beach Harbor. You may have read about in the papers. To those of us huddled around the great harbor this was sort of a big deal – similar to when the tall ships come in.

We live up on the hill of the Palos Verdes Peninsula on the harbor side – the one LA landmark no one knows about. When I first moved out here I lived near Century City in the heart of West LA in a fairly Jewish berg named Beverlywood (and I often think that residents would rent me their houses there because I could actually pass for being Jewish – dark curly hair , sometimes pasty white) – six blocks from Rodeo Drive. At night we could go party on Sunset Boulevard and glide home through carefully landscaped Beverly Hills streets in 12 minutes flat past Pico – my favorite LA street. In the mornings I marveled at the way I could take the I-10 out to the ocean on a wide-open Saturday morning and be on the Venice Pier instantly. I did that once and looked to the South and said to myself – what the fuck is that down yonder?

And I live there now – and we love the South Bay feel - greatly. Such that if a Port event happens we are right there. I drive by the bay on the way to work and could see the traffic signs out for a big QE2 event but I didn’t really know what was going on. I had been traveling so much I just wanted to make sure I made my Yoga class held at the old MacArthur military base located up the hill.

Meanwhile Deborah made a beeline to the shore with her friend Sharon - who, by the way, is our favorite longshoreman. A good time was had by all.

But while they were watching the historic boat I was doing Down Dog.

Dog, Yo.

(Stay tuned for my Oscar picks this Tuesday!)


wordgirl said...

*gasp* I can't see you doing yoga.

Rock said...

You don't have to see me but yeah - down dog, pidgeon, happy baby, sun salutations - I'm down.

Rock said...

By the way - our yoga class is held in the old barracks quarters of the former military base up here on the South Shores peak of San Pedro - just above the Korean Bell. So in the winter months our instructor chick Jennifer lights up candles in this old bungalow barrack house that gives the whole deal a rathe esoteric feel.

And the other night - when I drove home I could see the lights of San Pedro and everyone and their brother lining up to see the QE2.

wordgirl said...

No...I mean I just can't picture it. Bryan and I are really into it. Do you go into headstand? That's one of my favorites. Bryan does an awesome "crow".

Brooke said...

It's so weird that I know all about everything you've described.

Grew up in PV, Mom taught elementary school in Pedro, and I know EXACTLY where the Korean Bell is.

(On a semi-related note, have you seen The Usual Suspects and laughed at the familiarity of it all?)

Tink said...

Ok, I had NO idea that was a yoga term. Crow? Happy Baby? Pidgeon? I'm lost. Although I really should get involved in something like that. I can't even touch my toes.

Rock said...

WG: I don't think I have graduated to headstuff yet - I almost got up on my hands on that squat thing - I mean when I start knowing the names to this stuff its sort of dangerous - but Deborah dragged me to this and with the atmosphere our teacher creates I think its cool - and its very close in a LA kind of way.

BrookeDudeChick: I dig your South Bay sentiments sooo much (because I do think this is a farily tucked away place to most folks) - where in Pedro? (And isn't the Korean Bell one of the great unknowns of LA? Usual Suspects - I have only seen snippets - I must rent it immediately!

Tink: Yoga will help you and Hoop with your cravings and all fo that other stuff - the firwst time you do it you will feel like you were hit by a bus but as you get good you will be surprised at how much fun you have flopping around.

wordgirl said...

Trikona-Asana= triangle pose
Vira-Asana= hero pose
Ardha Chandra-Asana= half moon

Our instructor is German and so the Sanskrit names are said right along with the English ones. After a while you just start thinking of the poses in conjunction with their Sanskrit names.

I used to do the 6:30 a.m. heated yoga where the room is 90 degrees. That was good, too, and it's a great ass-kicker. Glad you're doing something good for yourself.

Arabella said...

I went to see the Queen Mary 2 when it passed by Red Hook, Brooklyn. It was an awesome night--all different people huddled on a dark dock, everyone smiling--a nice memory.