Saturday, December 03, 2005

Get a load of this sh.....

So Deborah (long-time girlfriend that lives we me and we love each other and no one is going anywhere type of set up) comes home and says she' asked a secretary at work to house-sit for us while we are away for Christmas. Whhaaa? That's about as stupid as giving an old boyfriend your blog address.

"What are you thinking?" I exclaim with utter astonishment

"Well we have the kitties and they can take care of them"

"But why do they have to stay here?"

"Because otherwise I would have to pay them"

"I don't think its a good idea"

"They're not going to steal anything Rock"

"How long have you known them?"

"Six months"

"This is not going to happen"

Deobrah is not an overly naive person but sometimes it shocks me. Having complete strangers stay in your home just to care for three little kitties (that we love so much - Jack, Gypsey and Rockey) is NOT a good idea.

Does anybody really do this? I can get the neighbor next door to do this and he doesn't need to sleep in my bed.


wordgirl said...

People do it. I don't get it...but they do. Our neighbors get someone to stay in their house, even if they're just gone for the weekend. The husband's sort of a control freak, though.

Shrinking Violet said...

Dearest, I used to be a secretary and was asked to house/pet sit on NUMEROUS occasions. There is usually a weird kind of bond that goes on between a secretary and his/her boss. Kind of like Twin Language. I wouldn't be overly worried at this point. Just make sure you lock the door to the S&M chamber. Even that might be too much for the bond!

Abe Froman said...

Its no worse than hiring a pet sitter to come into your house while you are away. You know jack shit about them and you are turning your keys over to them.

But its cheaper than putting them in a kennel.